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Why Doesn't Christianity Make Sense?

Dear Brother Ron

Why doesn't the Christian religion make any sense? I mean, religion itself is kind of kooky, but Christianity takes the cake! A kind and loving God that hates many of his children, a God that wants his children to return, yet bars anyone that doesn't mindlessly devote them- selves to him (he gave us brains that can think), a ridiculously complicated 'redemption plan' and the fact that he puts us on the earth, then tells us 80% of the things we do here are sins!


Dear Ignorant

God makes perfect sense. It's His marketing department that confuses the issue. First of all, God does not hate any of His children. He created all of us to be His instruments here on earth to help fulfill His plan for us. That includes the atheists, the Muslims and the criminals. We are all here for a purpose.

Second, God does not bar any from returning to Him. That argument only holds water if you believe that God is up there and we are down here and there is no connection between God and men except Jesus, our court-appointed attorney.

If you believe (as I do) that the Spirit of God exists in all living creatures, then when the body dies, that Spirit must return to the God from which it emanated or God has lost part of Himself and is no longer perfect and is no longer God. This flies in the face of the very basis of monotheistic religion.

Third, anything can be a sin if it distracts you from your focus on the word of God. I am not talking about a book, but the voice of the living God within you. Any time you ignore that voice and think you have a better idea, that's a sin. Although I believe nothing is a sin in and of itself, anything can be a sin if it makes you act contrary to the will of God.

Work can be a sin. Watching television can be a sin. Drinking a beer while you watch a football game is not a sin. Driving drunk or spending the rent money buying your buddies drinks is.

Get the idea?

Best always
Brother Ron