To the home of
Ron and Scarlett Barnes
This is Scarlett, the lovely lady who agreed to marry me back in 1988. Usually she makes pretty smart decisions. I don't know what possessed her to make that one but I'm not asking any stupid questions. Her theme song is "I Am Woman" by Helen Reddy. She has already survived breast cancer and eighteen years with me. She is currently fighting multiple sclerosis to a draw. Somehow she still finds the energy to take care of the house, the animals and me. She also enjoys entertaining the neighbors and friends who visit from out of town, as well as movies and shopping. MS may have crippled others but she refuses to let it get the best of her.

The first time I ever met her, she was trying to fill out some government paperwork. I asked if I could help. Her reply was, "I'm fine. Don't I look fine?". As a matter of fact, she is and she does. A couple of weeks later, she called me and asked if I could help her son Robert with his financial aid application. I agreed and she gave me directions to her apartment. I followed her directions and wound up on a dead-end street with no houses on it. Then I remembered she is dyslexic. I retraced my steps, did the opposite of what she had told me and wound up at her front door. We started dating and got married six months later. Everybody gave it six months tops. Most estimates were shorter. That was eighteen years ago. That's just one reason I don't pay much attention to the opinions of others.