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Your Views on Religion


Dear Brother Ron


My friend and I were just sitting around and talking about random things and all of a sudden religion came up into the topic. We were talking about how every religion has its good views and bad views and how it seems that some religions barrow something from each other. For example, Zeus is usually depicted with flowing white hair but when the Christian God is depicted he to usably has flowing white hair (if he is shown as human). Also we were talking about how the Bible is written by man, and man always makes mistakes So how much of the bible do we know isn't just a bunch of stuff people made up? We also debated on what exactly is religion? Where if people that were taught something different and never knew a certain religion, for example Christianity. Would they end up going to hell because they never believed in God? So here is my question to you. What is your view on religion, other religions?


Country Boy


Dear Country Boy

Religion is the outward expression of an inner spirituality. God is not in a building or a book. He is alive within the innermost core of your being. The important thing is not your ceremonies or your reference text. The important thing is the personal relationship you have with God.

Regarding your question about a person not knowing a certain religion, that person would still form a certain view of God. A Christian might see Him as a loving father. A Muslim might see Him as a stern taskmaster. And a Hindu might see Him as many different personalities. Other religions see God from other perspectives.

Since God is bigger than our human concept of space and time, it is impossible for any human, with our limited perceptions and understanding to grasp the entirety of Him. It is like looking at a sculpture from only one side. To full understand it, you would have to see it from all angles. We are incapable of doing this because God exists in dimensions we can not imagine, let alone understand.

You talk about somebody going to hell for having the wrong religion. Let me ask you a question. Do blind people go to heaven? How about the deaf or the mentally impaired? If God can forgive our physical shortcomings, don't you think He is wise enough and compassionate enough to forgive our spiritual shortcomings as well?

The Buddhists say there are many roads which lead to the top of the mountain but no matter which road you take, the view from the top is the same. The Bible says basically the same thing.

1Corinthians 13:12 For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

Best always
Brother Ron